How to Make Perfume With Essential Oils Without Alcohol

Learning how to make perfume with essential oils without alcohol can be a little tricky, depending on which essential oils you are using. If you want to make your own, you should be sure that you do not use too much, or else it will not smell right.

If you want to learn how to make perfume with essential oils without alcohol, you should begin by choosing one of the several different essential oils that are available.

You should choose a scent, preferably something that you think people will like, and you may want to try a few different scents before you settle on one. You should also know what sort of mood you are trying to create when you make your own or purchase it from an online retailer.

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Steps to Follow

First, you will need to make sure that you have the right scent ready to use. This can be a difficult step if you are making your own, but it is quite easy if you purchase it from an online retailer.

You should get the essential oil in small bottles so that you can easily store them. This will also make it easier to get a sample of a fragrance if you need to try it out before buying a full bottle.


Chosen Essential Oil

Once you have chosen your essential oil, you should place it in a container that will keep it from getting too warm. This will help to avoid making your scent sticky or rancid. It is important to choose an area where you can sit comfortably and pour your mixture into your container.

If you are working on your project at home, make sure you are in a comfortable place, and then place the container in a room that has good air circulation. You may even want to invest in some extra cushions in order to make it more comfortable while you are working.


Continue Step to Follow

Next, you should make the base of your mixture. You should mix the essential oil with some carrier oils, such as almond or Rosemary oils. It is important to keep your blend consistent, so do not change up your carrier oils while you are making your perfume.

You may find that it is best to put some of your mixtures into a small spray bottle, shake it up and then put it into the rest of your container. If you are using a large container, you may want to spray some of it onto a clean and dry towel, then put this into the container with the rest of your mixture.

The next step is to blend the oil with your carrier oils until your scent is completely developed. You should be able to feel the fragrance come through once you have completed this step.


After Complete Below Steps

After you have blended the essential oil, you will want to make sure that you are covered your container with a cloth, or place a sheet of plastic over the top of it.

If you are working with an old cloth, you may want to try placing a piece of glass or a paper towel beneath it to protect it from the elements. Once you have covered your container, you should add your carrier oils to it, followed by your fragrance.

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This step involves the mixing of your scent with your carrier, then putting it all into a closed jar or container to keep it in a cool dark area. You will be able to see the scent as soon as it begins to settle.

In order to complete your finished scent, you will need to allow it to dry naturally for several hours before you are able to apply it to your face. It will look very natural once you apply your fragrance.



When you learn how to make perfume with essential oils, you will realize just how much effort can go into creating a scent that everyone loves to wear. You will get to enjoy the smells that you create and you will be able to smell great every time that you are out in public.

There are many other ways that you can use your essential oil to scent your own face, but you need to be very careful. when you are mixing your essential oil into your favourite blend.


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